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About us

Azeredo Legal has been representing Annapolis, Maryland. clients for over two decades. We have worked with clients on a wide variety of legal needs, including employment law, federal employment, business law and litigation, general litigation, FOIA and Privacy Act, and more. With hundreds of winning cases under our belt, the professionals at Azeredo Legal are prepared to handle your case and provide Annapolis, Maryland residents with the representation they deserve.

Ruth Ann Azeredo, the lead attorney at Azeredo Legal, has a proven legal track record that stretches back nearly 30 years. With years of experience working at the federal and state level, she is familiar with the inner workings of the government and is prepared to use her experience to ensure her clients in Annapolis, Maryland get the best legal services possible.

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Attorney of the Year

For outstanding legal achievements, Ms. Azeredo was named Attorney of the Year by Legal Monthly and the ACQ5 Global Awards. With this prestigious award, Azeredo Legal has cemented a reputation as one of the top legal firms in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Top Attorney

Outranking thousands of other attorneys, Ms. Azeredo was also named a Top Attorney in North America by her peers in the legal industry, showcasing her incredible legal skills and knowledge. If you’re looking for a top attorney in Annapolis, the choice is obvious.

Top 100

With her dedication to her clients and immense knowledge of the legal system, Ms. Azeredo was able to climb the ranks to be listed among the Top 100 National Advocates. This prestigious award is only given to only the most accomplished attorneys in the United States.

Practice Areas

Committed to providing outstanding and honest legal services.

Representing Annapolis clients in cases regarding wage and hour violations, employment contracts, discrimination, unpaid wages, wrongful termination, harassment, and more.

With years of experience working with the federal government, Azeredo Legal is uniquely positioned to represent the needs of federal employees regarding discrimination, ethics, PPP, and more. 


All arbitration cases handled by Azeredo Legal follow American Arbitration Association (AAA), JAMS, and FINTRA regulations, ensuring an effective and fair arbitration process.

Azeredo Legal provides business-centric legal services to protect the rights of small and midsize businesses in disputes against other organizations, employees, and customers.

With a decades-long background representing clients across the country, Azeredo Legal is prepared to handle nearly any type of general litigation case.

As a former federal attorney, Ms. Azeredo possesses a deep understanding of Privacy Acts and FOIA Law to ensure the legal security of information.


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