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client cases on everything from general litigation, employment matters, business disputes or litigations, and administrative law matters to FOIA, Privacy Act, Federal Tort Claims Act, sexual assault, battery, contracts, and more. With hundreds of winning cases under our belt, the professionals at Azeredo Legal understand what it takes to protect you and your rights.

Azeredo Legal is led by Ruth Ann Azeredo, a proven attorney with over 30 years of legal experience. Ms. Azeredo is licensed to practice law in Baltimore by the Maryland State Bar Association. She is also fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese to ensure anyone who needs legal assistance can get the direct representation they need.

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Attorney of the Year

Due to her outstanding achievements in both quality of service and case success rate, Ms. Azeredo was honored to be named Attorney of the Year by Legal Monthly and the ACQ5 Global Awards. By earning this prestigious award, she has cemented her reputation as one of Baltimore’s most successful attorneys.

Top Attorney

In addition to securing Attorney of the Year, Ms. Azeredo was also named Top Attorney in North America. Because of her hard work and determination for her clients, Ms. Azeredo was able to outrank thousands of other attorneys to be named the top attorney to help clients in Baltimore, Maryland.

Top 100

With her extensive legal background in multiple states and experience working at both state and federal levels, Ms. Azeredo was ranked on the Top 100 list of best attorneys in the United States according to National Advocates. Her dedication to her clients and understanding of the law has been proven on countless occasions.

Practice Areas

Committed to providing outstanding and honest legal services.

Protect your employee rights with legal services regarding government employees, wage and hour violations, employment contracts, wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment cases.

Ms. Azeredo spent years working with the federal government, making her uniquely suited to handle the challenges of federal employee cases, including discrimination, ethics, PPP, and more.

Azeredo Legal abides by all American Arbitration Association (AAA), JAMS, and FINTRA regulations, ensuring all your arbitration needs are handled properly and efficiently.

Protect your small to midsize business in disputes against other organizations, employees, or customers with a variety of legal services designed for business.

With over 20 years of experience representing clients in multiple states, Azeredo Legal is prepared to represent your needs in nearly any general litigation case.

Ms. Azeredo was a former federal government attorney and has a deep understanding of FOIA and Privacy Act law. Get professional assistance to find the information you seek.


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